Floor Mats by Ergomat

Like all ergonomic tools, ergonomic matting is designed to work with the human body to ease the tasks that the body performs. In the case of a standing work station, these mats reduce or eliminate short-term fatigue and discomfort, and long-term cumulative effects of strain and stress injury. Benefits can lead to real savings through increased productivity and worker moral, and decreases in sick leave and workers’ compensation claims.

  • Anti-Fatigue Nitril Rubber Floor Mats have greater heat resistance, anti-abrasion and anti-slip properties for more demanding industrial conditions. Ergomat Nitril rubber mats will not harbor bacteria, making them ideal for critical environments like medical and food processing facilities, and they are more resistant to acidic conditions (pH 7). The Nitril ESD floor mat is made for static sensitive manufacturing environments.

  • Anti-Fatigue Polyurethane Floor Mats are appropriate for dry, non-abrasive to slightly damp or oily environments. Polyurethane mats also have anti-static properties.

  • Super Safe Floor Mats provide unparalleled non-slip safety in extremely wet conditions and critical environments. Positive grip suction cups on the underside of the mat eliminate the fear of hydroplaning. Anti-microbial additive reduces bacterial contamination concerns, and the floor mats are highly resistant to a variety of pH and chemical exposures

  • Sticky Floor Mats provide a fast, convenient, reliable way to clean shoe soles or other items before entering a clean and sanitary area. Sticky Mats significantly reduce traffic-borne contaminants.